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2 x Wireless GamePad Controllers

2 x Wireless GamePad Controllers

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【 How to Connect 】

1,lug in the 2.4G receiver on the device and install 2 x AAA batteries on both handles. (This product does not come with batteries). Switch on the handle.

2,There will be an automatic connection function between the handle and the receiver, and the LED on the controller will keep the signal bright:

3,Connect the receiver to the PC and the LED will start flashing rapidly. After the first controller is connected, the LED will start flashing slowly. Once the LED changes from flashing to steady, the second controller will be successfully connected.

【 Kindly Note 】

1. When the voltage decreases, the built-in energy saving system will stop the signal (the LED in the controller will keep blinking).

2. When the controller is connected to the receiver but in use for 5 minutes, it will enter sleep mode. The controller also allows you to press the SELECT. START, L3 R3 buttons at the same time to enable sleep mode. Pressing the START button will reactivate the controller.

3. Compatible with analogue and digital modes

4. Requires 2 external AAA batteries for each controlle (batteries not included in this product)

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